Address: Kungsgatan 32, BOX 129, 602 20 Norrköping, Östergötland Sweden.

         Visiting adress: Norra promenaden 15, Norrköping.

Phone: +46 768 79 39 69



Stunt Design Studio - Previz - Safety Consultants 

Stunt Coordinators - Fight Directors - Stunt Performers


We offer you a Swedish network of STUNT professionals. Also an global Network if required. Stunt Consulting - Stunt Coordinators - Stunt Team

Fight Directors - Stunt Performers - Fight Choreographers

Stunt equipment - Motor Vehicle - Car stunt riggs - Swat team fully equipped


During CORONA we are not offering any stuntworkshops. We will inform you as soon we open up the stuntworkshops again.

Safety and teamwork is the key

We deliver the entire package from the script to previz of the action scenes. We provide you with stunt consulting, stunt coordinators, stuntperformers, fight directors, fight choreographers, private trainers for actors. In productions we always recomend a previz, the director and producer direcly see what the action will look like. Camera angles are already there witch saves the production lots of time and money. The action scenes in a previz is produced and delivered by industry professionalls.


We are based in Norrköping Sweden at Norrköping Studio AB where we have our office.  Contact us for more info. +46 768 793969

STUNT TEAM, Represented by Swedish Stunt Agency.

Safety Consultants - Stunt Coordinators - Stunt perfomers - Fight Choreographers - Fight Directors - Swat Team  fully equiped - Motor Vehicle - Stunt Studio.  

Tarmo Sakari Hietala - Height 178 cm.

Founder and CEO of Swedish Stunt Agency. Also CEO for TARMO STUNTS Stunt Coordinator, Stuntman, Safety Consultant, Fight Choreographer, Martial artist.Black belt Karate. 

Christian Svensson

Height: 186 cm


Ibrahim Alberm - Height 168 cm. 

He has been in the industry since 2004

Stuntman -Fight Choreographer - Horse stunt specialist.

Patrik Persson Böhme

Kgl Theater 2016-2019. 2 + 2 months, a total of 57 performances. About 150,000 spectators. Töjhuset Copenhagen 2007 to -13. 7-9 days per year. A total of 110 performances. About 90,000 spectators. Kronborg Castle 2015. 1 week. 7 performances. About 12,000 spectators. Hova Medieval week 2004. 7 days, 7 performances, about 10,000 spectators. Glimmingehus 2005 to 09, 1 performance per year. A total of 7 pcs. Esrum Monastery 2009 and 09, 2 days a year, 1 show per day. A total of 4 pcs. Knights weekend at the castle 2010 and 2011, 2 days a year. A total of 8 pcs. And Arn - Tempelriddaren, 4 days, 2007. - Cosmo Wölven's curse 2008, 3 days, - Yellowbird Walander Faceless killer. 2 days. And others.

Christoffer Bäcke

Started with horses at age 8. Jpbbat with everything from jumps and dressage horses to western and tower game horses. Over the years, I have mainly focused on handling and riding young horses and problem horses in all directions. Has a fondness for the "Iberian" riding and its horses.

Ylwa Woxmark Instructor in Archery and Riding Archery Ended up on horseback as a three year old and has also practiced ju-jutsu in my youth Passionate about horse training and is best known for riding without a main team.

Ylwa and Mats have performed with Stunt Team Ukrainan Cossacks several times and done some video stunts including the music video Sons of war with the Viking metal band Månegarm, They have been part of the Sweden International Horse Show ensemble 2017-2019 and the Danish Rytterkompagniet 2017-2018

Elia Frank Nikolakopoulos

Height: 178 cm.


Surachet Rüdeberg - Height: 178 cm

Board member Swedish Stunt Agency.


Jose Diaz - Height 176 cm.


9 seasons in HIGH CHAPARRAL. 

Stuntman - Horse stunt Specicalist..


Ingela Modin

Rides and trains horses. Competited dressage, jumping, working equation, western, tower games. Rides the ridge martial arts, academic, classic, western, archery, cowshed, etc. Has trained for John Moore, Pedro Torres, Arne Koets and others. Are coaches, judges, course builders, competition manager in SvRF. Motto: Nothing is impossible.

Ibrahim Alberm

Stuntman and Horse stunt specialist. More info coming soon

Mats Woxmark Instructor in Archery and Riding Archery International speed skiing career with some ski stunts in my youth Also competes in Beridet on an international level with a World Cup silver from 2018.

Mats and Ylwa have performed with Stunt Team Ukranian Cossaks several times and done some video SOns of war with the Viking metal band Månegard. They have been part of the Sweden International Horse Show ensamble 2017-2019 and the Danish Rytterkompagniet 2017-2018.

Niklas Eriksson

Height: 179 cm.


Johan Wåhlin.  178 Cm

Stuntman and Military expert. 

Micael Cans

Ridden and trained jousting for 15 years. Trained most horses in combat riding. Trained and trained in academic riding. NH and public bus riding. Ridden archery, boxing drive, etc. Has been in several films and also arranged several shows. Trained martial arts. Extreme skiing, snowboarding and telemark. Diver, mountaineer, canoeing. Good knowledge of survival and nature. Hunters with a great food interest and where hunting with a dog is my biggest interest.

Jose Diaz - Horse Stunt Specialist and Stuntman.


9 seasons in HIGH CHAPARRAL. 


SWAT TEAM - Specially trained Swat Team. Fully equipped with everything needed! Different kinds of firearms.

Examples of firearms: Blank fire and sfx weapons - Submachine guns - Assault rifles, Grenade and rocket launchers - Bullups and Shotguns - Machine guns and sniper rifles.


In our motor park you will find motorcycles, trials, 4 wheels, Jet Ski and sport cars. All vehicles exept the 4 wheelers require stunt drivers. Contact us if you are in need for some of our vehicles.

Motorcross and trials. Must be hired with stuntdrivers.

4-Wheelers. If you have equipment that needs to be worn in rough terrain, we offer 4 wheelers you can rent from us for the filmproduction.

Jet ski, Must be hired with stunt drivers.

Sport cars - We can provide your filmproduction with several sportscars.Must be hired with stunt drivers

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